I miss you

He's gone. There will always be a part of me missing and no one can ever replace it.

Friday was his last day on earth. (13.06.07)

We took him to the veterinary because that night he became weaker and weaker and you could tell he was seriously ill. I was worried about him, but i never thought it would be this serious. That always happens doesn't it? It never turns out the way you were hoping..

The first reaction of the veterinary was that he had some teeth problems and possibly some sort of throat infection. Hearing that made me happy. It made me believe that that was what was causing his problems. At that time i believed that he would come with us home and all we had to do was give him some antibiotics and he would become better.

The doctor said he would take a blood test and he also asked us if we wanted to take a virus test, so we did. We waited for an hour and then the doctor called us into the room. He told us the cat was anemic and dehydrated, but that wasn't the worst part; my cat had FIP. I could never imagine it would be as bad it was. There had to be some sort of a treatment. There just had to be.

I asked if we could take him home, but the doctor told us that the cat was suffering. Suffering.. In other words, he had to be put down.I just couldn't believe it.

The virus makes me mad. So many different feelings go through my body when i think about it.
I could never imagine it existing here. I've heard of the other viruses, but still didn't belive it would happen to my cats. And not here.

We have two other cats who also could have gotten the virus. The thought scares me.

Nothing will ever be the same again. I miss him so much. I just hope i get to meet him again. I don't really believe in heaven, but there must be a place for us to meet when we die..

Luckily im able to say that he had a wonderful life. You could tell that he enjoyed it. Im just sad it had to end now.

Im not sure how old he was.. Maybe nine or ten. He was a stray, but i think he was around one when he ''found'' us. Im so glad he did.

Thank you for giving me beautiful moments. I will always treasure them.

I love you and never will forget you. Thank you for everything, Georgy.

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''If... the machine of government... is of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another, then, I say, break the law.''

~Henry David Thoreau, On the Duty of Civil Disobediance, 1849
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ALF - Civil Disobedience

This made me cry. HOW can you do this?! And WHY do we support this?!HOW can you NOT react to such cruelty?!

I LOVE ALF. And who ever talks shit about them.. please tell me what YOU would do in a frustrated situation? It's easy for you to judge them isn't it? Because you close your eyes, and they don't.

Tell me one thing. If you had a child and you knew it was in a house being molested by someone and no one believed you, what would you do? Would you seriously just close your eyes to it? Or would you take matters into your own hands?

The animal liberation front are doing something so many others should do. If all we do is talk, we'll never get anywhere. Take action. This can NOT continue!

Support animal rights!Everyone is entitled to having their rights.

Please watch this video:

Again, i love you ALF.

Hello everyone!This is Herbie and Kevina!

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Adorable Herbie ♥

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Adorable Kevina ♥

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I can't stand it anymore. I want a farm.

If i die without realizing that dream..

Looking at farm animals.. it makes me so damn happy!

It makes me wonder if more people would stop eating them if they spent time with them. I mean, how can you seriously want something as lovable as that suffer?

Pictures are taken from Debbies personal photos.

Weird Sighting

On Saturday on my way home (at around 11-12am) i experienced something weird in the sky. At first i thought my eyes were playing a ''joke'', but after looking at it a while i could tell it was real. It was this greenish(?) light, kind of like a line, but not as slim, maybe a bit oval, but shadowlooking. (It was hard seeing the actual shape because the sky wasn't clear.) It seemed like the light was behind the clouds.It was going back and forth in the sky, and it seemed like it would ''stop'' at the exact same spot whenever it went left and right. When i came home i told my mum and brother to go outside and watch and they saw the same thing.(Im not good at explaining.)

It makes me wonder what it was.
Im hoping it was an alien ''spaceship'' 'cause i ♥ aliens. They make me happy :D

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Doctors Against Animal Experiments Germany

The difference between animals and men is that big, that results of animal experiments can not reliably be transferred to human beings. In research based on animal experiments it is assumed that the complex illness- and healing processes of man could be imitated by so called »animal models«, which means animals who have been made ill artificially. Important factors of the origin of illness like nutrition, habits of living, drugs like cigarettes and alcohol, environmental influences, stress and psychic or social factors are not taken into account in this way of research. Due to this methodically wrong starting-point, animal experiments were not benificial for the treatment of the so called civilization-illness of man, including cardio-vascular diseaes, cancer, diabetes, rheumatic arthritis and allergies. Also animal experiments are not able to protect the consumer from damages caused by chemicals and drugs. Today a lot of so called in vitro methods are available, test methods which are carried out in a test-tube and thus do not use living animals. These innovative methods of research deliver - in contrast to the animal experiment - reliable, easily reproducable results, and besides these tests are more sensitive, cheaper and faster than tests on the living animal.

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Ethical grounds

Animals, too, must be allowed the right to live according to the basic needs of their species, as well as the right of being relieved from pain and suffering.

Medical progress is necessary – but animal experiments are the wrong way to achieve this.

If you are a doctor, vet, dentist or scientist please support our work by becoming a member. The association is an officially registered charity; donations qualify for tax relief.

Doctors Against Animal Experiments Germany
Landsbergerstr. 103
80339 München
Phone: +49 89 / 35 99 349
Fax: +49 89 / 35 65 21 27

Bank account
Account no. 951 731
Bank sort code 500 905 00
For international donations:
IBAN: DE 305 009 050 000 00 951 731

Spread the word!
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